Best Male Enhancement Supplements In 2018: Top 5 Rated Products For Male Enhancement

Male enhancement supplements have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many claim to offer the best qualities to stand out from competition. But regardless of their formula and ingredients used, these products are all made primarily for one reason. That is, to cater to a man’s needs when it comes to his sexual health.

Sexual health is an important aspect of a man’s (and a woman’s) overall well-being. It has a direct or indirect connection to one’s physical, mental and emotional states.

Some physical health conditions cause poor sexual performance, or even a waning desire for sex.

The opposite can happen to emotional and mental health. Worrying about penis size, weak erections or sexually satisfying a partner can take a toll on a man’s confidence and self-esteem.

This is why male enhancement products are important. But there are so many options on the market. You have pharmaceutical drugs, creams, devices, herbal remedies and supplements to choose from.

In this article, we are going to focus on the supplements. We hope it helps to simplify this option for you.

What Are Male Enhancement Supplements For?

Generally, male enhancement supplements are like vitamins for your sexual health. You take a dosage every day to make up for nutrient deficiencies that cause your sexual problems.

But like any other supplement, male enhancers are not drugs. Thus, you shouldn’t expect them to cure serious conditions such as an enlarged prostate or sexually transmitted diseases. Rather, you should use them to enhance your performance in the bedroom.

Each man’s sexual performance issue is different. It can be erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penis size, low libido, or lack of sexual stamina.

The formula of each male enhancement supplement targets one or several of these problems. But more than solving physical conditions, these products also provide a psychological benefit. By being able to please their partners again, men regain their self-respect.

Speaking of partners, they are indirect recipients of these supplements’ benefits. A better sex life can enrich a good relationship, or save one that’s going sour.

Taking male enhancers could also be beneficial for older men. Studies show that a healthy sex life in the senior years has a positive impact on a man’s overall health.

What To Consider In Buying The Best Male Enhancement Supplements

When choosing a male enhancement supplement, the first thing you should check is its contents. The best ones contain natural ingredients, not chemicals, artificial compounds and banned substances.

This feature is especially important if you have allergies, or if you have a health condition requiring medications. Good supplements will provide appropriate warnings in such cases.

Next to consider are the possible side effects. Don’t rely solely on a manufacturer’s claims that their product will not have negative effects on you.

One of the best ways to know the safety of a male enhancer is by reading reviews from real people who have tried it. Another way is to conduct your own research on each ingredient. We also recommend that you consult your doctor.

Sometimes, you will find very few reviews on a supplement even if it’s a really good one. Often, it’s because the product is new on the market. In this case, you should check out the company that manufactures it.

Reputable companies have a professional website with their background and contact information. They also provide details on a product’s ingredients, side effects, and even scientific evidence to support its safety and effectiveness.

With a wide array of male enhancement supplements on the market today, it can prove challenging to pick one that best suits your needs. Check out our list of top 5 male enhancement supplements below, with a closer look at their ingredients, benefits and side effects.

1. VigRX Plus

VigRx Plus best male enhancement supplements

On top of our list of Top 5 Best Male Enhancement Supplements is VigRX Plus, a product of Leading Edge Health Inc.

This male enhancer contains only natural ingredients. But that’s not what makes it stand out among its competition. Many other male enhancement supplements on the market also have natural ingredients.

Each ingredient in VigRX Plus was scientifically researched. This step was necessary to prove its effectiveness and safety.

The result is a formula with contents in the correct individual dosages. So, it delivers a better sexual performance for men without side effects.

Also, the manufacturer of this product asked independent laboratories to test its effects on real people. The outstanding results are now published in several scientific journals.

The participants in these tests reported better erections. This is the main benefit that the creators of VigRX Plus had in mind when they formulated the supplement. Their goal was to inhibit Rho-kinase. It is the enzyme that constricts blood flow in erectile tissues of men.

Using the extracts of Epimedium Leaf, Muira Puama Bark, Hawthorn Berry, Catuaba Bark and Ginkgo Biloba, the formula promotes blood flow in a man’s testes. This results in harder erections which also last longer.

The other substances contained in VigRX Plus provide additional benefits to men’s sexual performance. Damiana and Cuscuta chinensis boost their libido. Asian Red Ginseng prevents premature ejaculation. Saw Palmetto and Tribulus Terrestris increase the production of testosterone.

Many men who have tried this product experienced these positive effects. Their testimonials are in online review forums and on the manufacturer’s website.

Doctors also recommend it. In particular, Dr. Steven Lamm of The View endorsed it on YouTube and in his book “Hardness Factor.”


  • All natural ingredients derived from plants
  • Clinical studies on the product published in several science journals
  • Many online reviews from verified buyers
  • No side effects reported from users
  • 67-day money back guarantee


  • Not for sale in physical stores

2. ExtenZe

Extenze best male enhancement supplements

ExtenZe is the second on our list of today’s best male enhancement supplements. It is a product of Biotab Nutriceuticals, Inc.

This dietary supplement promises to lengthen and widen your erect penis. It provides more intense orgasms and endurance. Thus, your sexual activities can last longer. Also, it makes your sex drive more responsive.

What’s unique about ExtenZe is its formulation of 26 natural herbs, nutrients and amino acids. We have yet to come across another male enhancer with as many ingredients.

Some of them increase the volume of blood that flows into the three erectile chambers of your penis. They are: Folate (vitamin B-9), Black Pepper, Ginger, Muira Puama, Hops and Astragalus.

The results of using these substances are bigger, harder and longer lasting erections.

Also, the compounds contained in this product improve your sexual performance and pleasure. These are Zinc, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), Velvet Deer Antler, Horny Goat Weed and L-Arginine HCl.

Other ingredients in ExtenZe that promote a better sexual health in men are:

Yohimbe Extract (bark), Damiana and Ho Shou Wu Extract, which boost libido. Tribulus Terrestris, Stinging Nettle and Boron (as Chelate) increase your testosterone levels.

Pregnenolone (38-hydroxypregn-5-en-20-one) and Pumpkin Seed relieve men of prostate problems. Korean Ginseng Extract and Xanthroparmelia Scabrosa treat sexual dysfunctions, particularly erectile dysfunction (ED).

This supplement doesn’t contain any artificial substance. Thus, your risk of experiencing complications and side effects decreases.


  • Composed of only natural ingredients with no side effects
  • Dosage is as simple as one pill a day
  • Medically approved and certified by doctors
  • Free lubricants with a minimum order of two months’ supply
  • Affordable price with a 100% money back guarantee


  • Not recommended for athletes and bodybuilders due to the high dosage of its performance enhancer ingredient
  • Available only online, through the manufacturer’s website

3. Male Extra

Male Extra best male enhancement supplements

Our #3 of the Top 5 Best Male Enhancement Supplements is Male Extra, a product of the company Vobue Limited.

Nine years. More than 150,000 satisfied customers (and their partners). They all achieved an improved sex life from taking this supplement.

Their bigger, harder and longer lasting erections had an average increase of 0.8 to 2.6 inches within 3-6 months. Also, their orgasms became more intense. And their regained stamina allowed them to give better sexual performance.

The formula in Male Extra combines natural ingredients which expand the blood vessels that lead to your penis’ erectile tissues. This increases the blood flow to your penis. As a result, you will have bigger, harder and long lasting erections as well as more intense orgasms.

Also, the improved blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients faster to your cells. The process results in delayed fatigue and more stamina.

What makes this supplement potent is the double dosage of its main ingredients. And it could be the only male enhancer that contains Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid. Along with L-Arginine HCl, it boosts the nitric oxide production in your body.

Nitric oxide improves blood flow by relaxing and widening blood vessels. When it increases, your blood will flow more efficiently.

Male Extra also contains the following active ingredients:

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) – This organic Sulphur is naturally present in your body. It helps form collagen and keratin. In a male enhancement product, it keeps the penis’ skin elastic during erection.

L-Methionine Zinc – An essential mineral that supports men’s sexual health. It also boosts the immune system.

Cordyceps – A type of fungus that functions as a stimulant. It improves athletic performance, provides energy and stamina, and relieves fatigue.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) – This nutrient converts carbohydrates in your body into energy. It also improves your blood circulation and blood flow.


  • Natural ingredients proven effective and safe in clinical studies
  • Maximum dosage of each ingredient delivers fast results
  • No side effects
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Dosage requires you to take three capsules daily
  • You need to take the supplement with a meal

4. Viritenz

Viritenz best male enhancement supplements

The fourth one on our list is Viritenz, a product from Health Research Institute. It improves a man’s sexual desire, stamina and performance. Most importantly, it delivers solid and intense erections.

What’s great about it is that it will work for you regardless of your age.

Yes, poor sexual performance is not limited to the elderly. Erections, for instance, rely on efficient blood circulation. Even when libido and sex drive are at their peak, it’s still possible to have a weak erection.

Many factors affect blood flow, including age, stress, health issues and medications. Viritenz aims to address this problem by using the following natural herbs and extracts:

Oyster Extract – This substance has zinc, the essential mineral for men’s sexual health. Zinc promotes better sexual performance and a healthier testes. It also provides higher sperm quality, enhanced sex drive and prostate wellness.

Maca Root – Central and South Americans have been using this plant for centuries. They consider it an effective aphrodisiac and remedy for fatigue.

Ginseng Blend – The herbs American Ginseng and Asian Ginseng are used for their ability to treat men’s sexual problems.

Tongkat Ali – Another popular herbal medicine, it is an aphrodisiac and energy booster.

Oat Straw – This natural ingredient provides sexual stimulation to both men and women. But for men in particular, it makes erections longer and harder.

Pumpkin Seed Powder – The seed of pumpkin is edible and provides many health benefits. Not only is it good for your heart, liver and immune system, it also supports the health of your prostate.

Viritenz users attest to its ability to provide these results. According to them, it’s like seeing a doctor and purchasing a prescription drug. But you get it at a fraction of the cost, and without the side effects.


  • Ingredients are natural herbs and extracts
  • No additives, preservatives or synthetic contents
  • GMP-certified manufacturing facility
  • Production process abides by strict FDA recommendations
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Not for vegans or vegetarians
  • Reviews outside the manufacturer’s website are not that many

5. Semenax

Semenax male enhancement supplements

Our fifth choice of the Top 5 Best Male Enhancement Supplements is Semenax. This is another product of Leading Edge Health.

What makes this male enhancer different? It specializes in improving your ejaculation by increasing the semen you produce. Stronger ejaculation can lead to more intense orgasms and more satisfying climaxes.

After 60 to 90 days of taking Semenax, your seminal vesicle fluids and prostate gland fluid will increase. And you will produce more seminal plasma, the liquid that holds your semen.

Also, your body will have more bulbourethral gland fluid. This substance makes your semen thicker when you ejaculate.

You may also notice that you have better control over your orgasms. So, your sexual intercourse can last longer than usual.

Semenax delivers these results through a formula created from intensive research. Its high quality ingredients are potent but in safe doses. This ensures effectiveness with no side effects.

This supplement contains the amino acids L-arginine and L-lysine. These promote the production of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide increases the blood flow into your muscles. Thus, it helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your penile tissues.

It also contains Hawthorne and Avena Sativa, which increase blood flow in your penis. As a result, your erections will be harder and last longer.

The ingredients Zinc Oxide, Zinc Aspartate and Vitamin E support your sexual health. Sarsaparilla balances your hormones, and Catuaba Bark boosts your sex drive.

In addition, Swedish Flower Pollen, Epimedium Sagittatum improve your libido. And Maca gives you more energy and stamina to last longer in bed.

Semenax also has Pumpkin Seed and Cranberry Extract. These ingredients are good for men’s prostate health and function.

Also, Epimedium Sagittatum, Muira Puama and Butea Superba can cure erectile dysfunction (ED).


  • Increases semen count even in men who have undergone a vasectomy
  • Safe and effective for adult males of any age
  • All the ingredients are natural
  • No reported negative effects
  • 60-day full refund guarantee


  • Dosage is 4 capsules daily
  • Not many reviews, though most are positive


Male enhancement supplements are an affordable yet equally effective alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. They can be safer, too, if made with herbal ingredients, like the ones we listed above.

In addition, they are easier to use than penis enlargement devices, definitely cheaper than penile surgery, and small enough to take along in your travels.

Supplements are non-prescription products. You can buy them over the counter or online even without seeing a doctor.

But we strongly advise you against doing that. Why? Because sometimes sexual problems are symptoms of serious health conditions. For example, erectile dysfunction is one of the warning signs of heart disease.

Your doctor can help you get to the root of your problem. You’ll be happy to know that taking a male enhancement supplement can be one of the solutions he’ll provide.